North Park, a San Diego community, and commercial hub of 30th and University

 established in 1912

Today, 30th Street is still a vibrant commercial hub within a residential community serving as the main thoroughfare from Normal Heights, to North Park,  South Park and Golden Hill. All these communities include a historic mixture of old craftsman and Spanish Revival homes, older and newer apartments, cottages and newer condos.  Families and singles reside in North Park and still form a community rich in both its culture and diversity.  The commercial and residential community has grown into an inviting and eclectic social hub during the last 20 years. The availability of parking on 30th street is vital for businesses, their customers, residents with no onsite parking, and to comply with ADA requirements.

April, 2019 a City-wide bicycle special interest group presented mobility plans to a City Mobility Manager, Councilman Ward, and board members on the North Park Planning Committee.  May 14, 2019 the board voted to recommend, originally called “Option A”, the elimination of all 571 parking spaces on 30th St. between Juniper and Adams.  This was an option Councilman Ward presented, along with two other options, but no options to leave ALL the parking spaces, as is.  The Mayor made his final directive, two days after the meeting, to remove all 571 spaces.  Councilman Ward and NP Main Street, has recently come up with another plan for joint use by cars and “protected” bikes lanes.  They have not mentioned loosing parking spaces and the center lane.  The fact is, in order for cars and protected bike lanes to be on 30th., parking spaces and the center lane will be lost.  They have not given this plan a name, but it is identical to what originally was called Option B.  They also don’t divulge Option B, is only between Howard and Upas, with removal of 142 spaces out of, currently 258.  And the remainder of 30th end up with the Mayors “Option A”, removal of all spaces between Adams and Howard, and Upas and Juniper.

The elimination of any parking will result in businesses losing customers, overflow parking to adjoining streets, residents with no onsite parking unable to find spaces, and decrease air quality due to cars circling blocks to find parking. There will be no shift in commuters to bikes due to a lack of a modern mass transit system to serve people’s needs for their work commute. No accommodation was made for ADA mandates, buses, delivery zones, street sweepers, emergency vehicles, employees, and residents to the 30th St. corridor. There is only one public paid parking garage, at 30th and North Park Way, serving a vast stretch of 30th St. that reasonably serves the area around it.  It’s unreasonable to think people are going to walk blocks and blocks to their homes or to Adams Ave. area or Juniper Street area.

Mayor Faulconer’s order and Councilman Ward’s recent suggestion, contradicts State and City laws and ignores the public process in various ways.  However, three blocks west is Utah Street, and parallels 30th Street, is wider, less traveled, no bus stops, no businesses, and is specified on the Master Bike Plan.  There is no “protected bike lane” specified for 30th Street.  

Save 30th Street Parking was formed when the Mayor signed on May 16, 2019, a Directive to City Staff to proceed with the removal of the parking spaces on 30th Street.  We alerted as many as possible residents, businesses and started collecting legal funds in preparation for litigation .

We have hired land use and environmental attorney, Craig Sherman, APC.  Lawsuit filed on August 13, 2019. He will represent us in court where the non-compliance issues will be presented to a judge. As of 11-20-19 we’re awaiting a court date.

WE NEED YOUR HELP TO SAVE 30TH  STREET PARKING.  Please donate to our legal fund.


Mail checks:  C/O Pat Sexton, 3238 Haller ST., San Diego, CA 92104. Payable- CLGA (Center for Local Government Accountability) 501c3 tax deductable. Memo- 30th. Street Project


Facebook:  Save 30th Street Parking @Save30thstreetparking