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Q: How did this project, which has a significant impact on so many residents and businesses, get approved without going through the City Council or a city-wide vote?

A:  Because this is not a city-wide issue, a vote by the public is not required.  Also, because San Diego has a strong mayor form of government, Mayor Faulconer may sidestep a City Council vote.  Votes taken by the North Park Planning Committee and North Park Main Street board members (who appear to have been greatly influenced by bicycle advocates) were recommendations to Council member Chris Ward’s office, who then forwarded them to the Mayor.


The “Save 30th Street Parking” group feels that the unpresented Mayor’s approval was premature, and that he has overstepped his authority by circumventing certain municipal avenues of review, including various analyses pertinent to any street designs. “Save 30th Street Parking" group will challenge the feasibility of the design, and the removal of any parking is detrimental to economic interests and resulting safety issues.


Q:  What can I do to oppose the 30th Street Bike Lane Plan?

A:  Help “Save 30th Street Parking” efforts by supporting our legal and communications fund by writing a check to CLGA. Please visit our Donate page for details.


Continue to contact our representatives to express your opposition to this plan: 

Mayor Kevin Faulconer at and/or 619-236-6330  and

Councilmember Chris Ward at and/or 619-236-6633

Attend North Park Planning Committee (NPPC) meetings and speak before the Board about how the Bike Lane Plan will affect you.  You may speak openly about matters of concern to you that the Board may have an advisory role in.  If you would like to receive meeting agendas, send email to External link opens in new tab or, provide your name and phone number and ask to receive agendas and minutes for the North Park Planning Committee.  The full agenda is sent the week before meetings.  Visit this website to view NPPC agendas and minutes from past meetings: External link opens in new tab or window


Attend the Mobility Program meetings, held at the Central Library, and speak out regarding matters of mobility: transit, cycling, pedestrian features, including the 30th St. Bike Plan.


Write letters to local publications expressing your reasons for opposing this plan.


Q: Why didn’t the City of San Diego and Councilmember Chris Ward convene a special meeting for residents and business owners prior to the plan being approved?

A:  We do not know why there was little outreach to make the public aware of this plan. They relied primarily on social media within their select groups to notify the public about North Park Planning Committee and North Park Main Street meetings where the plan was introduced and discussed. “Save 30th Street Parking” group does not feel there was adequate notice to all who are directly affected and is questioning the legalities of this issue.


Q:  What research was performed by the City to analyze the economic impact of this plan on businesses, apartment building owners and surrounding streets, and what due diligence did they perform before making this proposal?

A:  Our attorney has requested information on all aspects of this project.  We’re waiting to receive it from the Mayor, Councilmember Chris Ward, City Engineer Everett Hauser and the City Clerk. The business, property owners nor residents on 30th were not notified. We have walked 30th and have 800+ signatures on petition.


Q:  How was the street design chosen?

A:  There were three options available to choose from – A, B and C – each removing some or all parking on 30th from Howard St. to Juniper St.  There were no choices to vote yes or no, as to each option, no public input. It seems bike coalitions, city engineers and Chris Ward designed street. Hauser drew the map, Ward convinced Mayor to approve it. It was presented to the North Park planning committee board they approved. 2 days later Mayor directed City Staff to proceed with option A. The “Save 30th Street Parking” group is striving to striving to force city to adhere to existing CEQA laws, community plans, sandbag plan  ,and city master bike plan. This will leave both street as it. UTAH ST, which already has bike lanes and makes much more COMMON SENSE thus more safe for everyone. Protected bikes could work for all it protected lanes were in center of St.


Q: How does the approved Bike Plan accommodate ADA parking spaces, bus stops, garbage pickup, commercial deliveries, emergency vehicles and car sharing pick-ups and drop-offs?

A:  Everett Hauser, City of San Diego, Mobility Program Manager, has not presented a plan that accommodates these necessities. “Save 30th Street Parking” group intends to address these issues to the satisfaction of the community and make sure they are in compliance with City, State, and Federal law.


Q: How are emergency vehicles supposed to maneuver down a two lane street, rushing to a life or death call?

A:  The Captain at our local station said the City “expects them to deal with it”. Obviously, we at Save 30th Street Parking do not accept this answer.   When seconds matter our emergency services personnel should not have to "deal with it".

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