Major Change is Coming to 30th Street unless WE stop it ...

San Diego’s Mayor Kevin Faulconer listened to Councilmember Chris Ward and “special interest” groups, and on May 16, 2019 directed the elimination of ALL 420 parking spaces on 30th Street in North Park, from Howard to Juniper, and the feasibility of removing an additional 152 spaces from Howard to Adams, to make room for "protected" bike lanes, by installing posts (delineators) every few feet AND removing the center lane north of Upas.

This drastic reduction of a total of 552 parking spaces completely disregards the legitimate needs of the residents and businesses in the area, especially the disabled and elderly. Buses, emergency, trash, street sweepers, delivery off loading and ride sharing vehicles will be forced to stop in traffic lanes, causing traffic jams. This plan is simply not feasible for a narrow street that passes through a small commercial area and a historic residential community. The vast majority of all businesses, property owners and residents on 30th and the surrounding streets oppose this plan.

Much BETTER AND SAFER ALTERNATIVES ALREADY EXIST - UTAH STREET CURRENTLY HAS BIKE LANES, no merchants, wider street, no buses, and fewer traffic signals. There is a “fix” in Utah.  If there was a center protected lane for the cyclists, the curb parking could remain as it, and the cyclist AND driver would have a much better visual of each other when approaching the intersections.  Let's focus on enhancing those, rather than disrupting residents and visitors, and potentially putting our merchants out of business.

We need your help to open Mayor Gloria and Councilman Whitburn’s eyes. Write letters: 202 C Street, San Diego, CA  92101 OR emails OR phone calls.

Let them all hear us, since Gloria and Whitburn won’t listen, just as Faulconer and Ward didn’t come talk to those of us who live here, work here, pay taxes here.


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                      With your help, we can defeat this directive!